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[ 1 ]

1.Favourites (1950, Rca Victor WP 295):
2.You Broke The Chain That Held
3.Our Hearts
4.No Golden Tomorrow Ahead
5.Wasted Love
6.My Two Timin' Woman
7.Somewhere Along Life's Highway
8.Within This Broken Heart Of Mine
(Walker / Stuar
9.Hank Snow Sings (1952, Rca Victor Lpm 3070):
10.Zeb Turney's Gal
(Andrews / Lamkin)
11.Golden River
13.I Knew That We'd Meet Again
(Flynn / Douglas / B
14.(I Wish Upon) My Little Golden Horseshoe (Snow)
15.Yodeling Cowboy
(McWilliams / Rodgers)
16.Confused With The Blues
17.On That Old Hawaiian Shore With You

[ 2 ]

1.Just Keep A-Movin' (1955, Rca Victor Lpm 1113):
2.Just Keep A-Movin'
3.The Bill Is Falling Due
(Daffan / Snow)
4.Can't Have You Blues
5.A Scale To Measure Love
(Weiner / Crune)
6.The Owl & I
(Bryant / Bryant)
7.I Can't Control My Heart
(Morris / Dinapoli)
8.Cuba Rhumba
9.Blossoms In The Springtime
11.Blue Sea Blues
12.Chattin' With A Chick In Chattanooga
13.Love's A Game Of Let's Pretend
14.Hank Snow's Country Guitar
Rca Victor Lpm (1955
15.Twelfth's Street Rag
(Bowman / Sumner)
16.Rainbow Boogie
17.Vaya Con Dios
(Russell / James / Pepper)
18.Madison Madness
19.Wabash Blues
(Ringle / Meinken)
20.In An Old Dutch Garden (By An Old Dutch Mill) (G
21.Hilo March
22.Sweet Marie

[ 3 ]

1.Old Doc Brown & Other Narrations
Rca VI (1955
2.Old Doc Brown (Just A Closer Walk With Thee) (F
3.How To Play The Guitar
4.That Pioneer Mother Of Mine
5.Little Britches
6.The Blind Boy
7.First Nighters
(Rollins / Snow)
8.What Is A Father?
9.Trouble Trouble Trouble
10.Horses Prayer
(Kennedy / Carr)
11.What Do I Know Today
(Axton / Baren)
12.Lazy Bones
(Carmichael / Mercer)
13.Country Classics (1952, Rca Victor Lpm 3026):
14.I'm Moving On (Snow) 1950 #1
15.Down The Trail Of Achin' Hearts
(Kenndy / Simon)
16.The Rhumba Boogie (Snow) 1951 #1
17.Bluebird Island (Snow) & Anita Carter 1951 #4
18.I Don't Hurt Anymore (Robertson / Rollins) 1954
19.(Now & Then There's) A Fool Such As I (Trader)
20.The Golden Rocket (Snow) 1950 #1
21.Unwanted Sign Upon Your Heart (Snow) 1951 #6
22.Music Makin' Mama From Memphis (Snow) 1951 #4
23.Marriage Vow (Carson) 1949 #10
24.The Gal Who Invented Kissin'(Orr / Griswold) 195
25.With This Ring I Thee Wed
(Nelson / Rollins / Ne

[ 4 ]

1.Country & Western Jamboree
Rca Victor L (1957
2.Wedding Bells
3.Loose Talk
(Lucas / Hart)
4.I Almost Lost My Mind
5.Sing Me A Song Of The Islands
(Gordon / Owens)
6.Memories Are Made Of This
(Gilkyson / Dehr / Mi
7.These Tears Are Not For You
8.Singing The Blues
9.My Life With You
10.Poison Love
11.Among My Souvenirs
(Leslie / Nicholls)
12.Born To Lose
13.It's Been So Long Darling
14.Bonus Tracks:
15.For Now & Always (Payne) 1953 #10
16.That Crazy Mambo Thing (Coben) 1954 #10
17.The Next Voice You Hear (Walker) 1955 #15
18.Yellow Roses (Devine / Nicholls) 1955 #3
19.Would You Mind (Coben) 1955 #3
20.Cryin', Prayin', Waitin', Hopin'
(Jones / Smith)

[ 5 ]

1.The Singing Ranger (1959, Rca Camden Cal 514):
2.Honeymoon On A Rocketship (Masters) 1953 #9
3.The Engineer's Child
(Neal / Andrews / King)
4.Ben Dewberry's Final Run
5.Born To Be Happy (Hamblen) 1955 #5
6.The Gold Rush Is Over (Walker) 1952 #2
7.I Cried But My Tears Were Too Late
8.Mississippi River Blues
9.I Went To Your Wedding (Robinson) 1952 #3
10.The Night I Stole Old Sammy Morgan's Gin
11.Just A Faded Petal From A Beautiful Bouquet
12.Somewhere Along Life's Highway
13.I'm Gonna Bid My Blues Goodbye
14.Hank Snow Sings Sacred Songs
Rca Victor L (1958
15.The Gloryland March
16.Invisible Hands
17.He'll Understand & Say Well Done
18.My Religion's Not Old Fashioned
(But It's Real G
19.My Mother
20.I'm Glad I'm On The Inside Looking Out
21.The Alphabet Song
22.I'm In Love With Jesus
23.These Things Shall Pass
(Boland / Jaffe)
25.Little Children
26.I'm Moving On To Glory

[ 6 ]

1.When Tragedy Struck (1959, Rca Victor Lpm 1861):
2.The Letter Edged In Black
3.Old Shep
4.Prisoner's Prayer
5.A Drunkard's Child
(Jenkins / Rodgers)
6.Don't Make Me Go To Bed & I'll Be Good
7.The Convict & The Rose
8.Put My Little Shoes Away
9.Little Buddy
10.There's A Little Box Of Pine In The
(Ettlinger /
11.Nobody's Child
(Coben / Foree)
12.I'm Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail
(Karl / Hart
13.Hank Snow Sings Jimmie Rodgers Songs
Rca (1960
14.Moonlight & Skies
(Rodgers / Hill)
15.You & My Old Guitar
(Rodgers / Williams)
16.Down The Old Road To Home
(Rodgers / Harvey)
17.I'm Sorry We Met
18.Tuck Away My Lonesome Blues
(Rodgers / Kolpo / Ma
19.Blue Yodel No. 10
20.One Rose (That's Left In My Heart) (Lyon / Mcint
21.Roll Along Kentucky Moon
22.Any Old Time
23.Gambling Polka Dot Blues
24.Never No Mo' Blues
(McWilliams / Rodgers)
25.Travelling Blues
(Alley / Rodgers)

[ 7 ]

1.Southern Cannonball
Rca Camden Cal 68 (1961
2.I'm Moving In
3.Tangled Mind (Shoss / Daffan) 1957 #4
(Snow / Davis)
5.My Blue Eyed Jane
(Rodgers / White)
6.Under The Double Eagle
7.Paving The Highway With Tears
(Nelson / Nelson)
8.Southern Cannonball
(Rodgers / Hall)
9.Let Me Go, Lover (Carson) 1954 #1
10.When Mexican Joe Met Jole Blon (Wolley) 1953 #6
11.Trouble Trouble Trouble
12.There Wasn't An Organ At Our Wedding
13.The Boogie Woogie Flying Cloud
(Snow / Snow)
14.Bonus Tracks:
15.I'm Glad I Got To See You Once Again (Gibson) 19
16.Mainliner (The Hawk With Silver Wings) (Hamblen)
17.Silver Bell (Wenrich / Madden) 1955 #15 (Instrum
18.The Old Spinning Wheel (Hill) 1955 (Instrumental
19.What Do I Know Today (Axton / Baren) 1955
20.Hula Rock (Rose / Rose) 1956 #5

[ 8 ]

1.Big Country Hits
(Songs I Hadn't Recorded Till N
2.I Love You Because
3.I Care No More
4.A Legend In My Time
5.That Heart Belongs To Me
7.Bury Me Deep
8.Send Me The Pillow You Dream On
9.A Petal From A Faded Rose
(Travis / Rusk)
10.Return To Me
(Lombardo / Diminno)
11.I'll Go On Alone
12.Mansion On The Hill
(Williams / Rose)
13.Address Unknown
(Autry / Horton / Darling)
14.Bonus Tracks:
15.Two Won't Care (Pierce / Dill) 1956
16.La Paloma (Yradier) 1956 (Instrumental)
17.New Spanish Two-Step (Wills) 1956 (Instrumental
18.Reminiscin' (Echoing Guitars) (Snow) 1956 (Instr
19.La Cucaracha (Mars) 1956 (Instrumental)
20.In An Eighteenth Century Drawing Room (Scott) 19

[ 9 ]

1.The One & Only Hank Snow
Rca Camden Cal (1962
2.The Wreck Of The Old 97
(Whitter / Noell / Lowr
(Kane / Robertson)
4.Spanish Fireball (Welch) 1953 #3
5.Lazy Bones
(Mercer / Carmichael)
6.I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
7.Hobo Bill's Last Ride
8.Lady's Man (Coben) 1952 #2
9.Married By The Bible, Divorced By The Law
10.Carnival Of Venice
11.Old Doc Brown
12.Anniversary Blue Yodel
13.The Drunkard's Son
14.Bonus Tracks:
15.Stolen Moments (Sherman / Wayne) 1956 #7
16.These Hands (Noack) 1956 #5
17.Conscience I'm Guilty (Rimmings / Reynolds) 1956
18.My Arms Are A House (Kennedy / Alstone) 1957 #8
19.Calypso Sweetheart (Fortune / Hagarman) 1957
20.Marriage & Divorce (Keefer) 1957

[ 10 ]

1.Hank Snow & Anita Carter - Together Again
2.Promised To John
(Carter / Kilgore)
3.I Never Will Marry
4.My Adobe Hacienda
(Massey / Penny)
5.Mockin' Bird Hill
6.No Letter Today
7.I Dreamed Of An Old Love Affair
(Dodd / Davis /
8.For Sale
9.Rose Of Old Monterey
10.If It's Wrong To Love You
(Dodd / Mitchell)
11.When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
(Walker /
12.Let's Pretend
13.A Pair Of Broken Hearts
(Rose / Carson)
14.Bonus Tracks:
15.The New Blue Velvet Band (Snow) 1957
16.A Woman Captured Me (Daffan) 1958 #16
17.Big Wheels (Yarnall) 1958 #7
18.I Wish I Was The Moon (Travis / Fairchild) 1958
19.The Party Of The Second Part (Howard / Snow) 195
20.The Last Ride (Daffan / Snow) 1959 #3
21.Miller's Cave (Clement) 1960 #9
22.Casey Jones Was His Name (Gibson) 1962



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