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Septic Flesh : 1 - 20 / 23
kolejność:alfabetycznie | tytułem | dyskograficznie | datą wydania | ceną | przeceną
dostępność:pełny katalog | tylko szybka realizacja | wszystkie dostępne | rekomendowane
produkty:wszystkie |  audio |  LP |  CD |  VHS
format:wszystkie | albumy | studio
zakres cen:wszystkie | budget | mid | full | de luxe
widok:  2 
wyniki:       20  50  100
lista:       S   M   L

CD 53.99    

(P) 2017
... Although the biblical omega marks the end, SEPTICFLESH on the contrary are reaching their current peak with 'Codex Omega', an album that clearly witnesses the Greek visionaries having come to maturity and expert [...]

wersje: CD | 2CD | 2LP | LP | 3LP

1. Dante's Inferno  2. 3rd Testament / (Codex Omega)  3. Portrait Of A Headless Man  4. Martyr  5. Enemy Of Truth  6. Dark Art  7. Our Church, Below The Sea  8. Faceless Queen [...]

CD 35.99    

(P) 2014
... No other title could have been more apt to represent SEPTICFLESH's ninth full-length. "Titan" is the power of darkness made manifest in music. Guitarist Christos Antoniou, who passed his academic studies of classical composition with honours and distinction, already proved [...]

wersje: CD | 2CD | 2LP

1. War In Heaven  2. Burn  3. Order Of Dracul  4. Prototype  5. Dogma  6. Prometheus  7. Titan  8. Confessions Of A Serial Killer  9. Ground Zero  10. The First Immortal

CD 35.99    

(P) 2011
... "The Great Mass" shows this band at the peak of their evolution over seven full-length releases since SEPTICFLESH's formation in 1990, in which the band combines massive deadly guitars at the edge of blackness with haunting gothic melodies and [...]

wersje: CD | CD/DVD [box 3pcs] | CD+DVD | LP

1. The Vampire From Nazreth  2. A Great Mass Of Death  3. Pyramid God  4. Five-Pointed Star  5. Oceans Of Grey  6. The Undead Keep Dreaming  7. Rising  8. Apocalypse  9. Mad Architect [...]

CD 48.99    

(P) 2008
... The Greek legend has finally returned from its undead slumber to unleash brooding visions of much darker times and space unto an unsuspecting world. SEPTICFLESH have once more renewed and refined all their trademarks: On the top layer stand massive guitar-walls of death sometimes coming close to [...]

wersje: CD | LP

1. Lovecraft's Death  2. Anubis  3. Communion  4. Babel's Gate  5. We, The Gods  6. Sunlight / Moonlight  7. Persepolis  8. Sangreal  9. Narcissus

CD 63.99    

(P) 1999
... Embracing melodic and atmospheric influences that filed it among the gothic metal movement, the album ranks amongst SEPTICFLESH's most avant-garde works to date. The heightened atmospherics, synthesized orchestration, and mesmerising [...]

wersje: CD | 2LP

1. Science  2. Chaostar  3. Radioactive  4. Little Music Box  5. Revolution  6. Nephilim Sons  7. Dna  8. Telescope  9. Last Stop To Nowhere  10. Dictatorship Of The Mediocre [...]

CD 35.99    

(P) 1998
... The album featured re-recordings from their savage debut LP "Temple of the Lost Race" interspersed amongst some of the band's most avant-garde work to date. The heightened atmospherics, synthesized orchestration, and angelic soprano vocals affirmed the bold and adventurous creative direction the [...]

wersje: CD | 2LP

1. Brotherhood Of The Fallen Knights  2. Eldest Cosmonaut, The  3. Marble Smiling Face  4. Underworld Act 1  5. Temple Of The Lost Race  6. The Crypt  7. Setting Of The Two Suns [...]

CD 48.99    

(P) 2003
... The Greeks returned in triumph, had to answer more than a hundred interviews toured through Europe in spring and will again with Cradle of Filth in December. This success has led to a dramatically increased demand for SEPTICFLESH's 5th and now out-of-print classic "Sumerian [...]

1. Unbeliever  2. Virtues Of The Beast  3. Faust  4. When All Is None  5. Red Code Cult  6. Dark River  7. Magic Loves Infinity  8. Sumerian Demon  9. Mechanical Babylon [...]

CD 35.99    

(P) 1995
wersje: CD | 2LP

1. Breaking The Inner Seal  2. Esoptron  3. Burning Phoenix  4. Astral Sea  5. Rain  6. Ice Castle  7. Celebration  8. Succubus Priestess  9. So Clean So Empty  10. The Eyes Of Set [...]

CD 35.99    

(P) 1997
... On this album, SEPTICFLESH further expanded their musical vocabulary, and added female soprano vocalist Natalie Rassoulis. "Ophidian Wheel" sees the band moving even further into the symphonic-laden and classically-tinged metal arrangements that have become their calling [...]

wersje: CD | 2LP

1. The Future Belongs To The Brave  2. The Ophidian Wheel  3. Phallic Litanies  4. Razor Blades Of Guilt  5. Tartarus  6. On The Topmost Step Of The Earth  7. Microcosmos  8. Geometry In Static [...]

CD 35.99    

(P) 1995 (2002)
... With interest in SEPTICFLESH surging to new heights following the release of "The Great Mass", their cult beginnings with "Mystic Places of Dawn" and all songs of 1991s "Temple of the Lost Race" EP added as bonus tracks will now be available anew! A must have for all fans!

Since their reunion SEPTICFLESH have established themselves as a leading force of symphonic Dark [...]

wersje: CD | 2LP

1. Mystic Places Of Dawn  2. Pale Beauty Of The Past  3. Return To Carthage  4. Crescent Moon  5. Chasing The Chimera  6. The Underwater Garden  7. Behind The Iron Mask  8. (Morpheus) The Dreamlord [...]

CD 114.99    


2LP 143.99    

(P) 2016






(P) 2016


(P) 2016


(P) 2002

Septic Flesh : 1 - 20 / 231  2  następne 

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