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CD 12.54    

(P) 2018
... It's time to harvest all your crops and embark towards the oncoming storm which unfolds with Innhřstinga'. Iskald continues their art of cold, intense, yet melodic black metal. At the same time, their complexity and genius in the songwriting shine on even more that before. A [...]

1. The Atrocious Horror  2. No Amen  3. Offer Av Livet  4. Even Dawn Drew Twilight  5. Resting… Not In Peace  6. De Siste Vintre  7. From Traitor To Beast  8. Lysene Som Forsvant [...]

versions: CD | LP

CD 7.03      
LP 19.82    

(P) 2014
... Comments drummer Aage Krekling: "It's has been a long and hard working process to get this record realized, but in the end it turned out as we hoped for. We are extremely satisfied with "Nedom og Nord" and believe it is our best album to date. After the last album we talked about trying something new, both music [...]

1. A Fading Horizon  2. Underworldly  3. Iskald  4. The Silence  5. Nidingsdad  6. Nedom Og Nord

versions: CD | LP


(P) 2011
... Based on true events, this is a modern war epos sending you straight onto the battlefields. Still fueled by arctic surroundings they continue down the same musical path, introducing new elements, and also bringing back some old. Imagine if you were to melt their first LP "Shades of [...]

1. Alucinor  2. Under The Black Moon  3. Natt Utover Havet  4. Forged By Wolves  5. I Lys Av Morket  6. The Sun I Carried Alone  7. Rigor Mortis  8. These Dreams Divine [...]


(P) 2008
Hailing from Bodř in the northern part of Norway, Iskald is to release their second full-length album, Revelations of Reckoning Day, through Indie Recordings. Iskald represents ice cold and crystal clear black metal from the land of the midnight sun, and with this supprisingly [...]

1. Ruin Of Mankind  2. A Breath Of Apocalypse  3. Warriors Of The Northern Twilight, Part2  4. Endtime  5. The Orphanage  6. Det Stilner Til Storm  7. Tartarus  8. Journey To Hel [...]

CD 9.38      

(P) 2007
... Fuelled by the devotion to Norse mythology and the inspiration of the artic surroundings, founding members Simon Larsen (19) and Aage A Krekling (19), started up their black metal project, Iskald in early 2005. After a few demos, the first EP Northern Twilight, was completed by the end of the year. The EP was self financed and the pressing was limited to 400 copies and was soon to be a [...]

1. Hymn Of Desolation  2. The Shadowland  3. Eden  4. Lokes Dans  5. Da Gjallarhorn Song  6. Pesten  7. Shades Of Misery  8. Warriors Of The Northern Twilight  9. When Hell Freezes Over

Iskald : 1 - 5 / 51    

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