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Dark Connection - Beast In Black

tracklists of Beast In Black Dark Connection

1.Blade Runner
2.Bella Donna
3.Highway To Mars
5.One Night In Tokyo
6.Moonlight Rendezvous
7.Revengeance Machine
8.Dark New World
9.To The Last Drop Of Blood
10.Broken Survivors
11.My Dystopia


12.Battle Hymn
13.They Don't Care About Us



Beast In Black
Dark Connection

NB62072 /
(P) (2021-10-29) Nuclear Blast [5951]

[compact disc]
ships in: 2 days    
Beast In Black prezentują trzeci album, zatytułowany złowieszczo Dark Connection. Album z całą pewnością trafi w gusta fanów melodyjnego i klimatycznego heavy metalu. W tekstach nie zabraknie epickich historii SF, fantasy i cyberpunk. Dark Connection to album, który łączy klasyczne metalowe brzmienie z nowoczesnymi syntezatorami, które a nowej płycie odgrywają bardzo dużą rolę. Jak mówią członkowie zespołu, każdy z utworów na płycie to potencjalny radiowy singiel.

The beast is back in black! And its ready to c rush the known boundaries of melodic metal! Beast In Black, the international batt alion of ground breaking melodic metaller s, is ready to blow your mind with their third album ominously titled Dark Connec tion.
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If youre into melodic and atmosph eric heavy metal with an insanely catc hy twist, this is the album youre looking for. Theres no other creature like th is walking the earth. None other bears thes e sharp edged riffs or piercing choruses. Not with these epic sci-fi, fantasy and cyberpunk stories to tell. Beast In Black is a wholly unique form of hea vy metal evolution.
Dark Connection is an album which gathers a ll the elements from past, present and futur e of Beast In Black leader, Anton Kabane n. The raw melodic energy of early Batt le Beast remains, but now Beast In Black are crafting their own sound within the genre thanks to the utilisation of wildly melodic guitars and multilayered synthezisers. Beast In Black leader, composer and guitarist Anton Ka banen states that Dark Connection is the ne xt natural step for the band, and the very foundations of the album are rooted in his past experiences. Dark Connection has more synths than ever before in Beast In Black, bu t the album is still all about simple heavy metal meeting some italo-disco, euro-be at and hints of symphonic elements her e and there, Anton says as he reminds us t hat the essence of a good metal song is simp ly catchiness. I started to get really e xcited about these tracks when I realized th at I had been listening to them again and a gain and again as really simple midi-demos. I mean, if a midi-demo sounds rea lly good and you cant get enough of those melodies in that early form of a song, there just has to be something memorabl e there, right? If you ask me, some o f the most impressive music has been made wh en the composer has almost been forced to w ork with limited resources. You remember the old-school video game music such as Ninte ndo and Super Nintendo tunes? Very simpl e sound chips pushed the composers to wr ite fantastic ageless melodies. If y ask m e, all the best songs are the ones which can be stripped down into acoustic versions a nd the melodies are still so strong that the track wont lose its very essence. The son gs should work with just acoustic guitar o r piano alongside the vocals. That was prett y much the whole philosophy of writing t he songs for Dark Connection.
Remember the glory days of 80s metal? When you could spend hours and hours staring at the cover art of a heavy metal alb um as you start to discover what all the l yrics are about? Beast In Black is right the re with you. Dark Connection is a deeply i ntricate heavy metal record. As you start to invest time into the songs, youll realise that theres something interesting hap pening at every layer, from the music to t he cover art and also the lyrics. Its all ti ed up into one, to ensure the ultimate audi o-visual metal experience. Its not a conc ept album in the traditional sense, but t here are a few ongoing themes on the album. One of them might be familiar for fans of Beast-albums from even earlier than B east In Black, Anton teases. What if I told you that were back in the world of cyber punk? Indeed, there are tracks like High way to Mars and Moonlight Rendezvous, whi ch will let you into the cyberpunk worlds of the Armitage III anime-series and e ven some Blade Runner themes. In that sense were back into the hemes of the early Battle Beast albums.
Cyberpunk is all over the place on Dark Co nnection. You will feel it in the mood of t he album, its right there in the cover art a nd we have even carefully prepared a huge mu sic video for you which is visually pure cy berpunk. Also, of course the good old Berse rk is back. There cant be a Beast In Bla ck album without Berserk, and there never will be! This time you will witness the new turns of Berserk saga in three songs called Dark New World, To The Last Drop of Blood and Broken Survivors. Anton als o gives his praises to insanely talented B east in Black singer Yannis Papadopoulos, wh o delivers the best vocal performance of hi s career on Dark Connection. Its always a p rivilege to work with Yannis. Hes one of tho se rare singers who can do anything! If he hasnt tried out something before, he figur es out the perfect technique to do it in no time. He is a very physical and dedicat ed singer. He is ready to try 30 diffe rent takes on a song if he feels like th ats what a perfect result requires. He does nt just do one or two takes. He does as many as it takes!
There are so many impressive Yannis moment s all over Dark Connection. Im quite su re people will find themselves thinking: Is this Yannis too?! And most of the times it is. Sure, there are my raspy screams, some epic duets and a lot of backup vocals th ere too, but Yannis performance is definite ly more diverse than ever before. Thi rteen songs, a mountain of irresistible me lodies and influences from the retro roots of music to a plethora of futuristic th emes and atmospheres. Every single song fro m Dark Connection could be a single. Beast in Black could create a music video for every last track. Thats just how much ded ication and passion has been immortalised in these songs. All these moment s on Dark Connection wont be lost in ti me, like tears in rain. Beast is Black has created a lifetime heavy metal exprience. Are you ready to face this eternal beast?

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Dark Connection - Beast In BlackCD
2 days
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(P) (2021-10-29) Nuclear Blast / 4065629620721

Dark Connection - Beast In Black2LP
24 hours
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(P) (2021-10-29) Nuclear Blast / 4065629620714

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