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[ 1 ]

1.Abigail - Let The Joy Rise
(Thunderpuss 2000 Remix)
2.Amber - Above The Clouds
(Thunderpuss Anthem)
3.Gts feat. Loleatta Holloway - What Goes Around Comes Around
(Trap Anthem)
4.Jj - Robbie Riviera - Richelle - High Energy
(Jj's Eat My Club Mix)
5.Lara Fabian - I Am Who I Am
(Hex Hector Vocal Club Mix)
6.Shannon - Let The Music Play
(Full Intension Club Mix)
7.Erin Hamilton - The Flame
(Solar City Club Mix)
8.Disco Dude - Get Up
(Jj Remix)

[ 2 ]

1.Just Us feat. Latrice Verrett - What A Night
(Tea In House Dub)
2.Linda Imperial - Where The Boys Are
(Thunderpuss 2000 Remix)
3.Michal Nicolas - Your Loving Arms
(Wayne G. Heaven Anthem Mix)
4.Shannon - Give Me Tonight
(Victor Calderone Remix)
5.Jocelyn Enriquez - When I Get Close To You
(Thunderpuss Clubremix)
6.Ld 30 feat. Marsha X. - Distant Places
(Mike Rizzo's Global Club Mix)
7.Shawn Christoper - Another Sleepless Night
(Sharp Razor Mix)
8.The Mink - It's Groovy Baby
(Ruff Mix)

[ 3 ]

1.Kash - Tropical Sax
2.DJ Lou - Capoeira
3.Joe Samba JR. - Majo
4.Micha K. - Brazil Men
5.XL Project - Samba XL Pagany Back To Rio Mix
6.Barova - Ipanema Lady
7.Mondo - Seventeen
8.Alchemic Storm - I Wish
9.Tony Thomas - Back On The Funky Cyber
10.Moonlight vs. Azoto - San Salvador
11.Justin Earp - Ooolalala Blastard Mix
12.Righi&Dan - Havana Loca Alex Raider Dub Mix
13.Ritmo Dynamic - Calinda Laurent Wolf Radio Mix
14.Fontana De Janeiro - Samba Que Beleza Bozzi Mix
15.Cesar Del Rio - Carolina

[ 4 ]

1.Mix2inside ft. Wendy Lewis - A Better Life
(Extended Mix)
2.A&P Project feat. Zemya Hamilt - Sunrize
(Original Mix)
3.Pat Hodges - Saving My Love
(Rosabel Vocal Mix)
4.Miss Ketty - Don`T You Want My Love
(Pacha Dub Mix)
5.Hannah Jones - No One Can Love You More Than Me
6.Rosabel - That Sound
(Nitorgen Blast Mix)
7.Marsha X feat. Ld 30 - Distant Places
(Mike Rizzo Global Club Mix)
8.Barbara Tucker - You Want Me Back
(Philly Mix)
9.House Brothers feat. Kym Mazel - Feel Like Dancing
10.Mavi ft. Driverspeed - All The Troubles
(Bells Mix)
11.Tatjana Orffe Meets Jocelyn BR - Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys
(Club Mix)

[ 5 ]

1.Hose Divas feat. Barbara Tucker, Michelle Weeks, Su Su - Lif
E (Extended Club Mix)
2.First Choice feat. Rochelle Fl - Let No Man Put Asunder
(Love To Infinity Subway Dub)
3.Influence - House Party
(N.Y. House Club Mix)
4.Adeva - Musical Freedom
5.Deep - Take You To Love
(Chicken Mix)
6.Jocelyn Enriquez - When I Get Close To You
(Thunderpuss Clubmix)
7.Shawn Christopher - Sweet Fredom
(Push Club Mix)
8.Gloria Gaynor - Never Can Say Goodbye 2005
(Plush & Robin Remix)
9.The Real Deal feat. Annette Ta - Don't You Wanna Be Mine
(Spice Of Life Mix)
10.Joi Cardwell - Love & Devotion
(George Morel's Club Mix)
11.The Fog
(Vocals By Dorothy Man - Been A Long Time (Cloudy Spirit Mix

[ 6 ]

1.Winman - Fade Too Grey
(Original Club Mix)
2.Fx - Don't You Want Me
(Single Cut)
3.Royal Gigolos - Tell It To My Heart
(Radio Edit)
4.Mario Lopez - Lonely (Without You) (D Mand Radio Cut)
5.Cuba Club - I'm Only Shooting Love
6.Steve Murano & DJ Doc - House 2 House
(Radio Edit)
7.Tjm - Small Circles Of Friends
(JR & Ms Gramm In Package Remix Edit)
8.Rilod - Thriller
(Original Mix)
9.Untouchabel 3 - Once In A Lifetime
10.2-4 Grooves - The Way I Do
(The Real Booty Babes Rmx Edit)
11.D.O.N.S. - Big Fun
12.Mauro Milano - Baby It's You
(Grand Club Radio Edit)
13.Syndicate Of L.A.W. feat. D-Tr - You're The One For Me
(Ruecache.Com Rmx)
14.Montana Express & Thomas Gold - Don't Know
(Original Mix)
15.Bigg Papazz - Crazy Nation
(Club Mix)
16.Dexter Connection - In My Life
(Radio Edit)

[ 7 ]

1.The Caramel Club - Mama Say Mama Sa
2.Scotty - God Is A DJ
(Radio Mix)
3.Shawn Desman - Let's Go
(Uomo Remix Part II)
4.The Sugar Kingz - Only You
(Horny United Mix)
5.Belmond & Partner ft. Ronnie S - Show Me Love
(Radio Mix)
6.Pit Bailay feat. Michael C.Ken - She's Like The Wind
(Radio Original Edit)
7.Commander Tom vs. Oliver Cats - I Can't Sleep
(Video Mix)
8.Krafft - Rock Da House
9.O'heller Project - Just The Way It Is
(Scotty's Club Mix)
10.Dyan B. - Clearly
(Original Radio Mix)
11.Sharon Dexter - Finally
(Radio Mix)
12.Paffendorf - La La La Girl
(Short Version)
13.Antoine Clamaran feat. Emily C - Keep On Tryin'
(12" Vox Remix Cut)
14.Chic Del Mar feat. Pit Bailay - Free Your Mind
(Radio Edit)
15.Rico Bass vs. Deejay Bonito - Cisco Disco
(Radio Edit)
16.Disco Deejays - Stayin' Alive
(Radio Mix)
17.Glitter Sisters - Don't Feel Like Dancing
(Radio Edit)

[ 8 ]

1.Cuba Club - I'm Only Shooting Love
(Long Radio Mix)
2.Dan Winter & Rob Mayth - Dare Me
(Discotronic Remix Edit)
3.Discotronic - World Of Discotronic
4.Selena - Freed From Desire
(Radio Edit)
5.D-Troy Herbick - Love Can't Turn Around
(D-Troy Mix Edit)
6.Bongo Swingers - Gonna Get Ya
(Radio Edit)
7.X Boys & Stephan M Pres. Ice B - Bleeps On The Radio
(Original Mix Edit)
8.Glamrock Brothers - You Got What I Want
(Orig. Mix Edit)
9.Chris Galmon vs. N.D.A - Africa
(Local Tinituzz Meets Veria Radio Mix)
10.Yves Larock vs Discokidz - Something On Your Mind
(Eddie Thoneick Edit)
11.Starsplash - Cold As Ice
12.Skreatch vs. Joe Smooth - Promised Milkshake
(Skreatch Radioedit)
13.Sunday - Begin To Beguine
(Electro Radio Edit)
14.Scape feat. D'empress - Be My Friend
15.Jestofunk - Say It Again
(Disco Boys Remix Edit)
16.House Shoes - Energy
(Club Radio Mix)
17.Sunfreakz ft. Andrea Britton - Counting Down The Days
(Axwell Vocal Radio Edit)
18.Hollywood Superstar - Ready To Go
(Zorneus & Space Raven Edit)
19.Liz Kay - When Love Becomes A Lie
(Cascada Radio Mix)
20.Ultra Flirt - Heave Is A Place On Earth
(Original Mix Edit)

[ 9 ]

1.Brisby & Jingles - Heaven
(Radio Edit)
2.Deep Spirit feat. Kathy - No Cover Song
(Manox Radio Edit)
3.Kash vs. INXS - Dream On
(Roman Vincent 'o Remix Edit)
4.Italobrothers - Moonlight Shadow
(Radio Mix)
5.DJ Logo - I.O.U.
(Logolectric Mix)
6.Tristan Garner - Stomp That Shit
(Radio Version)
7.Master Blaster feat. Rachel Hi - Walking In Memphis
(Master Blaster Radio Mix)
8.UK Bastard ft. Jock Mcpahil - Electrify
(Clubshakerz Remix Edit)
9.Katiana - Into The Groove
(Greg B. Radio Mix)
10.Antoine Clamaran vs. Philippe - In My House
(A. Clamaran Mixedit)
11.K La Cuard feat. Andy Kiys - Shooting Star
12.Speedmaster Project - Tainted Love '07
(Radio Mix)
13.Crew 7 - Such A Shame
(Sunset Crew Radio Edit)
14.Sebastian Gnewknow - Disco Inferno
(Thomas Gold Remix Edit)
15.Neodisco - Preacher Man
(Radio Edit)
16.Re-Flex - Lui 2007
(Sample Rippers Remix)
17.Ann Lee - Times
(Ice Bergem vs. Favretto Orig. Radio Edi
18.Kortzemann ft. Rozalla - Everybody's Free
(Original Kortezman Radio Edit)
19.Liquid Spill Needs Pinkville - Maria Magdalena 2007
(Pinkville Radio Mix)
20.Alibi Meets Deejay Dee - Letz Hear It For The Boyz
(Roland Kenzo vs. Sunics Rmx Radio Edit)




The House Collection

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The House Collection
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