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... "Hate uber Alles" (in tradition of US punk icons DEAD KENNEDYS' "California uber Alles") is a bold statement against hate and the division of society in today's world. While perfecting their signature sound of thrash metal that inspired countless other bands over the past 4 decades, KREATOR have managed to close the gap between the old and new school, still [...]

1. Sergio Corbucci Is Dead  2. Hate Uber Alles  3. Killer Of Jesus  4. Crush The Tyrants  5. Strongest Of The Strong  6. Become Immortal  7. Conquer & Destroy  8. Midnight Sun [...]

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1. Harridan  2. Of The New Day  3. Rats Return  4. Dignity  5. Herd Culling  6. Walk The Plank  7. Chimera's Wreck

versions: CD | 2CD+BR | 2LP | LP
... Materiał został wyprodukowany przez Vana Morrisona, a powstawał w studiach Real World (Wiltshire), Bath Spa Hotel (Bath), Culloden Hotel (hrabstwo Down) Holywood Studio (hrabstwo Down) i Musicbox Studios (Cardiff).

- Głos Vana wciąż jest niesamowity. Wybitny i tryskający energią. Nie na darmo nazywają go The Man - podsumował The Mirror.

Van Morrison jest jednym z [...]

1. Dangerous  2. What's It Gonna Take?  3. Fighting Back Is The New Normal  4. Fodder For The Masses  5. Can't Go On This Way  6. Sometimes It's Just Blah Blah Blah  7. Money From America [...]

versions: CD | 2LP

1. Bill Graham Introduction  2. Splendido Sundance  3. One Word  4. Trilogy Suite  5. Monasterio De Sal  6. El Panuelo  7. Meeting Of The Spirits  8. Orpheo Negro

versions: CD | LP

(P) (2022-06-08)

(P) (2022-06-14)

(P) (2022-05-19)

(P) (2022-07-01)





... Szukając inspiracji, rockmani sięgnęli do młodzieńczych czasów i fascynacji takimi twórcami, jak David Bowie, T. Rex czy Mott The Hoople. W nagraniach udział wziął znany ze współpracy z Bowiem pianista Mike Garson ("Goodbye For Good This Time" i "Angels (Can't Help You Now)") oraz gwiazda country, [...]

1. Take What You Want  2. Kick  3. Fire It Up  4. This Guitar / (Featuring Alison Krauss)  5. Sos Emergency  6. Liquid Dust  7. U Rok Mi  8. Goodbye For Good  9. All We Need [...]

versions: CD | 2LP | MC

1. Under My Thumb  2. Monkey Man  3. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo / (Heartbreaker)  4. Paint It Black  5. Angie  6. Ventilator Blues  7. Shattered  8. Wild Horses  9. Bitch [...]

versions: CD | 2LP
... Instead of being a difficult re-start, 'Polaris' showed Stratovarius in top form and perfectly able to captivate people all over the world: The album became a hell of a comeback and charted higher than the previous releases around the globe. Since then, Stratovarius continue to [...]

1. Survive  2. Demand  3. Broken  4. Firefly  5. We Are Not Alone  6. Frozen In Time  7. World On Fire  8. Glory Days  9. Breakaway  10. Heroes  11. Before The Fall [...]

versions: CD | 2LP
... Heilung nadal nie reprezentuje żadnej nowoczesnej ideologii politycznej ani religijnej, ale raczej przypomina o tym, skąd pochodzimy.

"Pamiętajcie - wszyscy jesteśmy braćmi. Wszyscy ludzie, zwierzęta, drzewa, kamień i wiatr, wszyscy pochodzimy od jednej wielkiej istoty, która zawsze tam była, zanim ludzie ożyli i ją [...]

1. Asja  2. Anoana  3. Tenet  4. Urbani  5. Keltentrauer  6. Nesso  7. Buslas Bann  8. Nikkal  9. Marduk

versions: CD | 2LP

(P) (2022-05-26)

(P) (2022-05-25)

(P) (2022-09-23)

(P) (2022-08-19)




... Tym razem, w wyniku pandemii, ekipa Nergala nie była ograniczona żadnymi deadline'ami, co pozwoliło na niemal bezprecedensowy poziom skupienia na procesie pisania i nagrywania.

"Cały ten rok zlewa się dla mnie w jedną całość, ale [...]

1. Post-God Nirvana  2. Malaria Vvlgata  3. The Deathless Sun  4. Ov My Herculean Exile  5. Neo-Spartacvs  6. Disinheritance  7. Off To War!  8. Once Upon A Pale Horse [...]

versions: CD | LP
... Pisanie i granie piosenek było naturalne, tak organiczne, że jeden z członków zespołu, Michael Clifford, zajął się produkcją. Po tej krótkiej sesji, panowie zdali sobie sprawę, że właśnie zaczęli nagrywać nową płytą. [...]

1. Complete Mess  2. Easy For You To Say  3. Bad Omens  4. Me Myself & I  5. Take My Hand / (Joshua Tree Version)  6. Carousel  7. Older  8. Haze  9. You Don't Go To Parties [...]

versions: CD | LP | MC
... Simultaneously he formed the world-renowned Alan Parsons Project with songwriting partner/vocalist Eric Woolfson, producing a myriad of hits including "Eye in the Sky," "Don't Answer Me," "Time" and "Games People Play. " The Parsons/Woolfson duo never toured, but rather concentrated all their efforts in the studio. After ten studio albums with The Project, Parsons [...]

1. Fare Thee Well  2. The Secret  3. Uroboros  4. Don't Fade Now  5. Give 'em My Love  6. Obstacles  7. I Won't Be Led Astray  8. You Are The Light  9. Halo  10. Goin' Home [...]

versions: CD | CD+DVD | LP | 5LP
... Not even the Corona pandemic could completely slow the band down, so they played concerts from the roof of a fire truck and used any other opportunity to perform live. Thundermother were born for the stage, their energetic shows have to be seen. Power, [...]

1. The Light In The Sky  2. Black & Gold  3. Raise Your Hands  4. Hot Mess  5. Wasted  6. Watch Out  7. I Don't Know You  8. All Looks No Hooks  9. Loud & Free  10. Try With Love [...]

versions: CD | LP

(P) (2022-09-16)

(P) (2022-09-23)

(P) (2022-07-01)

(P) (2022-08-19)





1. Everybody / (You Can Dance Remix Edit)  2. Into The Groove / (You Can Dance Remix Edit)  3. Like A Prayer / (Remix / Edit)  4. Express Yourself / (Remix / Edit) [...]

versions: CD | 2LP
... In 1999, "Revolution DNA" was re -
leased, followed by "Sumerian Daemons" in 2003, both albums produced by
Fredrik Nordström (At The Gates, Opeth, In Flames). Although the band's pop-
ularity was growing, the band members decided [...]

1. The Collector  2. Hierophant  3. Self-Eater  4. Neuromancer  5. Coming Storm  6. A Desert Throne  7. Modern Primitives  8. Psychohistory  9. A Dreadful Muse  10. Salvation [...]

versions: CD | 2LP | LP

1. Nomatterday  2. Vault Of Heaven  3. Dregs Of The Wine  4. Haunted House  5. Get Simulated  6. The Lord Has Come Back Today Strona B:  7. Thunder & Lightning  8. There's A Moon On [...]

versions: CD | LP
... Henceforth, CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX's mission has been to shed light on the human condition and the inequalities that befall humankind and its creatures. Their battle marches on with their latest studio album, Banefyre. The record is imbued with the depth and introspection that will reinforce CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX's standing as a band that [...]

1. Intro/Incantation For The Different  2. Wyches & Basterdz  3. Ghostland  4. The Reckoning  5. Bonefire  6. Rose Of Jericho  7. Blackout77  8. Down The Rabbit Hole  9. Everything Is Beautiful But Us [...]

versions: 2CD | 3LP

(P) (2022-08-19)

(P) (2022-05-19)

(P) (2022-09-30)

(P) (2022-09-09)
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