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... 16-ty album w dyskografii Brytyjczyków jest kontynuacją tego, co zespół zapoczątkował w okolicach 2015, czyli powrotem do ciężaru i mroku, znanego z pierwszych wydawnictw grupy. Wokalista Paradise Lost, Nick Holmes, nadal łączy growl z melodyjnym śpiewaniem, podczas gdy dźwięki [...]

1. Darker Thoughts  2. Fall From Grace  3. Ghosts  4. The Devil Embraced  5. Forsaken  6. Serenity  7. Ending Days  8. Hope Dies Young  9. Ravenghast

versions: CD | LP | LP+CD

1. How I Weep  2. Flame Twin  3. Hurts To Be Alone  4. Heartbroken, Day After  5. Say No More  6. This Life  7. To Live  8. I'm Alive  9. Were You Watching ?  10. Stumble On My Way [...]

versions: CD | 2CD | LPHQ
... Proof of that lies in the exceptionally great Solitude in Madness, where speed and power are back as the driving
factors in VADER's fiendish yet proficient death metal. Further evidence can be found in the
differences that separate previous pounder The Empire from Solitude in Madness.
Traditionally, VADER would've gone [...]

1. Shock & Awe  2. Into Oblivion  3. Despair  4. Incineration Of The Gods  5. Sanctification Denied  6. And Satan Wept  7. Emptiness  8. Final Declaration  9. Dancing In The Slaughterhouse [...]

versions: CD | 2CD | LP
... Fields of Blood is the logic consequence of a legendary trilogy and an auditory battle of unique traditional metal! Drifting riff masterpieces such as the stoic "All For The Kingdom", or the epic anthem "Lions Of The Sea", promise earworm and neck muscle training, while Fields Of Blood takes us into the vastness of Scotland on a journey through [...]

1. The Clansman's Journey  2. All For The Kingdom  3. Lions Of The Sea  4. Freedom  5. The Heart Of Scotland  6. Thousand Tears  7. Union Of The Crown  8. My Final Fight [...]

versions: CD | LP

(P) (2020-05-13)

(P) (2020-07-03)

(P) (2020-04-29)

(P) (2020-05-27)




... Efektem jest najbardziej zróżnicowany album, jaki do tej pory razem stworzyli.

Muzycy na nowej płycie "rozciągnęli się we wszystkich kierunkach" bez żadnych ograniczeń, które mogły pozbawić ich kreatywności. "Deep Purple przywraca Deep z powrotem [...]

1. Throw My Bones  2. Drop The Weapon  3. We're All The Same In The Dark  4. Nothing At All  5. No Need To Shout  6. Step By Step  7. What The What  8. The Long Way Round [...]

versions: CD+DVD | 2LP+CD+DVD+... | CD | 2LP+DVD

1. Heart Set To Divide  2. Behind The Blood  3. Lacquer  4. Rein  5. The Winter Of Our Passing  6. Vanishers  7. City Glaciers  8. Flicker  9. Lachesis  10. Neon Epitaph [...]

versions: CD | 2LP
... Cztery diametralnie różne kobiety muszą współpracować, żeby pokonać Romana.

Release date: 27. 05. 2020
Production company: Warner Bros.
Genre: akcja, science fiction
Country: USA
Movie time: 104 min.
Version: 1
Languages: [...]

1. Birds Of Prey / (And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One  
Director:  Cathy Yan  
Screenplay:  Christina Hodson  
Cast:  Margot Robbie   /  Rosie Perez [...]

versions: 2BluRay | BluRay | DVD
... Bowes' unique sense of humor. The smashing, lively track "Chomp Chomp", featuring vocals of Vreth of Finntroll, may make you never want to enter the open waters again, but will definitely entice you to [...]

1. Treasure Chest Party Quest  2. Fannybaws  3. Chomp Chomp  4. Tortuga  5. Zombies Ate My Pirate Ship  6. Call Of The Waves  7. Pirate's Scorn  8. Shit Boat / (No Fans) [...]

versions: CD | 2CD | LP

(P) (2020-08-07)

(P) (2020-04-23)

(P) (2020-05-04)

(P) (2020-05-28)





... No arguing here: with the double bass assault "Gunfire", PELL has delivered the best opener of the last ten years or so; "Bad Reputation" is one straightforward melodic rocker; the mighty epic title track was created in a pretty [...]

1. The Black Serenade / (Intro)  2. Gunfire  3. Bad Reputation  4. Sign Of The Times  5. The End Of The Line  6. As Blind As A Fool Can Be  7. Wings Of The Storm  8. Waiting For Your Call [...]

versions: CD | 2LPHQ
... idealnie zrównoważone. Ten wspólny projekt przedstawia nowe kompozycje Marcina i Joego, jak również standard Carli Bley, "Vashkar" (w dwóch wersjach), oraz improwizacje z pełnym zaangażowaniem każdego z [...]

1. Glimmer Of Hope  2. Vashkar  3. Cadenza  4. Fading Sorrow  5. Arco  6. Stray Cat Walk  7. L'amour Fou  8. A Glimpse  9. Vashkar / (Var.)  10. On The Other Side [...]

versions: CD | 2LP
... The two former Accept musicians Stefan Kaufmann and Peter Baltes have been part of the songwriting too - as well as the German Armed Forces' composers Guido Rennert and Alexander Reuber. 'We Are One' is one of the most elaborate concept albums the market [...]

1. Pandemonium  2. We Are One  3. Love & Sin  4. Future Is The Reason Why  5. Children Of The World  6. Blindfold / (The Last Defender)  7. Blackout  8. Mother Earth [...]

versions: CD | 2LP
... Having lost two original members since our last album, we were forced to rethink how we write and create new music, but it also allowed us to venture into something new that turned out to be very inspiring. " Lyrically, "A Day at [...]

1. Machines & Men  2. A Day At The Beach / (Part 1)  3. Into The Unknown  4. Sunsets  5. A Day At The Beach / (Part 2)  6. Megalomaniac

versions: CD | LP

(P) (2020-05-06)

(P) (2020-06-26)

(P) (2020-07-17)

(P) (2020-06-19)




... Na nowym albumie grupa czerpie garściami z klasycznego prog i kraut rocka z lat 70, ale także nie boi się flirtu z popem. W ich twórczości można odnaleźć echa zarówno Radiohead, jak i Philipa Glassa, Dark Throne oraz Chemical Brothers. Jedna z najciekawszych [...]

1. Ilmestys  2. Thyhjyyden Sakramentti  3. Uusi Teknokratia  4. Oikeamielisten Sali  5. Kuulen Aania Maan Alta  6. Taivaan Portti

versions: CD | 2LP | LP

1. Sound Of Violence  2. Lost Day  3. Cops  4. All Eyes / For Their Love  5. Dead Language  6. Nites Out  7. We Wait  8. Hey Hey I  9. Who's Gonna Love Us  10. Sideways

versions: CD | LP
... Worldwide, the band has continued their steady march to the highest levels of the rock world, so much so that a band this unapologetically aggressive are now even a fixture at the top of mainstream album charts - the band's last album VII: Sturm Und Drang debuted in the Top Five on US, UK, Canada, Australia national charts, and was nominated for a Grammy.
And in the five years since [...]

1. Memento Mori  2. Checkmate  3. Gears  4. Reality Bath  5. New Colossal Hate  6. Resurrection Man  7. Poison Dream / (feat Jamey Jasta)  8. Routes / (feat Chuck Billy) [...]

versions: CD | LP | LP+CD
... Dodatkowo, jeden z numerów pochodzi z solowej płyty Coverdale'a - "Into The Light" z 2000 roku.

- Wszystkie piosenki zostały odświeżone, na nowo zmiksowane i zremasterowane - czytamy w komentarzu wokalisty, Davida Coverdale'a. - Niektóre z nich [...]

1. Still Of The Night  2. Best Years  3. Tell Me How  4. Love Ain't No Stranger  5. All Or Nothing  6. Give Me All Your Love  7. Can You Hear The Wind Blow  8. Restless Heart [...]

versions: CD | 2LPHQ

(P) (2020-04-15)

(P) (2020-04-24)

(P) (2020-06-19)

(P) (2020-06-19)
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